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Healthy Leaves

Our liver is powerhouse filter, pivotal in eliminating toxins in the body and crucial for digestion. Many of the children we test at Brain Balance show signs of liver toxicity and impaired digestion. Please understand, liver toxicity does not mean a child has liver disease, but rather, the liver is burdened with toxins that make it sluggish. When the liver becomes sluggish, it results in an impaired ability to perform its job. Toxins could come from the varnish on your floor, fertilizer sprayed on the lawn, perfumes, dyes, foods, cleaning products and the like. Aside from toxin removal, the liver plays a huge role in digestion. So, when the liver is compromised, digestion is too. The good news is the liver is amazingly regenerative. So no matter what you may have consumed in the past, it’s possible to start improving the health of your liver by making good choices about what you put in your body.

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